Date of birth:29/05/1996
Address:29200, Brest


Professional experiences

10.2015 - present – My own company

As long as after my first year internship I started my websites development and sales, I had to create a company to be able to create quotations and invoices legally and officially.
Since the creation of the company I learned a lot from it, and enjoy every moment I spend on working for it.
The company is called Ipseity, you’ll be able to find more about it here:

06.2015 - 08.2015 – First year internship

PrimeGPS, Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire, 44980

Operational internship focused on creating and setting up the communication plan of the company by using multiple tools (brochures, social networks, designing the new website, choosing a graphical charter..). I also created a fully operational website that has been sold to the company afterwards through my own company name: Ipseity.

You’ll be able to find more about it here:

Serious Game – Business Challenge

Brest Business School, Brest, 29200

A business game between all the students of our promotion during a week.
Composed of multiples challenges, this game let us take the lead of a business and give us opportunities increase and optimize his profit.

Me and my team took the second place of this challenge. – My game servers network

I do run multiple game servers, that are all under a network called Menestril. Those game servers are highly modified and give the users a unique experience. This is also an income source for me, as long as I sell multiple services and goods related to that activity. This project involves a lot of competences from community management to web and java development, I really learn a lot from that.
You’ll be able to find more about it here:


Managing my own businesses

As long as I have multiple projects under my responsability, I do give a lot of my personal time to those projects. I do love doing that and I really enjoy learning by doing, and that’s basically what I do the most during that activity.


I love practicing sports, such as handball, basketball, swimming, and a lot more. I’m not involved into any club right now, but when I do have time I try to practice sports as much as I can.


I do love reading (newspapers and litterature), watching movies and TV shows. I also listen to a lot of music.

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Address29200, Brest

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