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Date of birth:29/05/1996
Address:44000, Nantes


Professional experiences

03.2019 - present

Lone Stone Consulting – Web developer

Web developer

Currently discovering the agency life as a web developer, focused on frontend (mainly Vue) projects, I also work with customers to build understanding around their needs and satisfy them through code.

05.2018 - 03.2019

MyGooder – Product Owner

MyGooder, Nantes, 44000

By working on a bunch of different projects as a Growth Hacker, I slowly began to rise inside the company organization. I always loved to manage my own projects, alone or in teams, and by getting this place inside the company, I really feel that I have a deeper impact on its growth. As a product owner I prioritize tasks, write specifications, and make sure my team get the best tools and a good work environment. I love to translate the business needs into automated solutions by bringing iterative approach to our needs.

10.2017 - 05.2018

MyGooder – Growth hacker

MyGooder, Nantes, 44000

As my first professional experience, I decided to seek for a Growth hacker job because of my profile with skills in development as much as in marketing. I found a place that was opened for an internship. I decided to apply as a freelance and they accepted. This job fulfill my will to keep improving in both marketing & coding skills by letting me suggest my own projects, design them, deploy them, and benchmark their results. I really feel myself blooming at this place as I go through projects requiring all of my skills, and improving new ones.

You’ll be able to find more about it there:

05.2017 - 09.2017 – SEO assistant

LeBonArtisan, Nantes, 44000

To end my bachelor degree, and my whole school path, I decided to do a facultative internship in a startup based in Nantes called LeBonArtisan. During this internship I had the chance to develop new skills and learn new competences. I participated to all the aspects of the SEO strategy, and also created new tools focused on the optimization of processes inside of the company.

You’ll be able to find more about it here:

06.2015 - 08.2015 – First year internship

PrimeGPS, Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire, 44980

Operational internship focused on creating and setting up the communication plan of the company by using multiple tools (brochures, social networks, designing the new website, choosing a graphical charter..). I also created a fully operational website that has been sold to the company afterwards through my own company name: Ipseity.

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10.2015 - present – My own company

As long as after my first year internship I started my websites development and sales, I had to create a company to be able to create quotations and invoices legally and officially.
Since the creation of the company I learned a lot from it, and enjoy every moment I spend on working for it.
The company is called Ipseity, you’ll be able to find more about it here:


Managing my own businesses

As long as I have multiple projects under my responsability, I do give a lot of my personal time to those projects. I do love doing that and I really enjoy learning by doing, and that’s basically what I do the most during that activity.


I love practicing sports, such as handball, basketball, swimming, and a lot more. I also use my skateboard a lot accross Nantes.


I do love reading (newspapers and litterature), watching movies and TV shows. I also listen to a lot of music.

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Address44000, Nantes

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